The Funkar – year 2016, we stepped in.


Because there are things you don’t know and we are here to add value to your knowledge
Funkar, is basically an Urdu word which means an artist or a skillful person. But, in slang the word Funkar is used for a person who tries to be over clever.

However, the concept of this blog is neither to interact with different artist nor is the means to make someone an artist. The concept here is to share some fun facts (and some FUNKAR facts) but in a way to provide you a knowledge of what is happening around the globe.

We will be posting videos and text contents. We would also like to hear some fun, entertaining, exciting or even stupid stories from you. If you have one, just send it to us and we will share it with the world by your name. not only this, if you have a story or some interesting facts but don’t have it in shareable content, just write to us your story and will design your story with some additional spice in it.


About the Founder:

The founder of is himself a very humorous but humble person, in fact he would be one of the most FUNKAR guy you will ever meet. He has always tried to spread smiles on every face. And you would see for yourself on his blog.

So, keep visiting and do comment and also share some fun facts or stories.